Foot Massage - Thai Yog & Healing Art Training Center
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Foot Massage


Thai Foot Reflexology

Foundation for Development of Foot

Reflexologist Thailand (FDFRT)


Foot Reflexology Foundation of the Thai Ministry of Public Health authorization that is the most famous.


✓ Thai Foot Reflexology style is a form of medical treatment as well for well being and the most popular in Thailand at the present time.

✓ Our school teach by Vice President of Foundation for Development of Foot Reflexologist Thailand (FDFRT) from the beginning until the teacher training course with more than 20 years experiences.

✓ We focus on training students to become successful “Thai Foot Reflexologists” as well to become “Instructors” at their own country.

✓ We are teaching many techniques with many details.

✓ Thai Foot Reflexology method uses 62 Reflexive points, work with fingers and Knuckle without wooden stick.

✓ We teach our students how to find (the Reflex points) by drawing on the foot for more precisely.

✓ Any lectures are held in a small number of people considering deeper understanding of students in our school.

✓ We are offering in every student high-level Foot Reflexology.

✓ It is effective reflexology that can stimulate to the internal organs and body parts.

✓ The membership card of TTMS society authorized by Thai government and the certification of the completion will be given to those who passed the exam.

Advance Course Detail

Start: 09:00-16:00 (5 days 30 hours)


Teach by Vice President of Foundation for Development of Foot Reflexologist Thailand


  • Effective learning of reflective zones.
  • The smaller effective points of reflective zones.
  • Learn how to check imbalance organ from feet.
  • Basic anatomy for massage.
  • Main 10 energy line.
  • Theory of Thai massage.
  • Energy line in the body for massage.
  • Massage of Hand, Arm, Shoulder and neck.
  • Time measurement, and Time management.
  • The revision of the weak point.
  • Repeating lesson.
  • Test

(Level 2/ Total 60 hours training)


6,000 BHT