Benefits of thai massage


Benefits of thai massage

We, Thai Yoga Massage School Bangkok, want to provide you massage learner and enthusiasts about Thai Massage History for the better understanding in Thai Massage.

The story of Thai Massage starts 2,500 years ago with Gautama Buddha (Siddhārtha Gautama, Shakyamuni) in India. Buddha’s disciple and personal physician Jivaka Kumara Bacha was a meditator. He incorporated his realisation of yogic meridians and herbal healing to develop a system of medicine associated closely with Buddhist philosophy. Over the centuries, this wisdom of Buddhism spread across Asia under the patronage of Indian emperors like Ashoka the Great. In Thailand, it is mixed with local tribal traditions like herbal medicine, shamanism and Chinese accupressure to become Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM). Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM) includes Herb medicine, Tok Sen which is striking the SEN (body nerve lines) with a wooden Hammer & Mallet. Yam Khang or Fire therapy (applying heated oil on the body with the foot) and of course Thai Massage among many other modalities. Thai Massage works by applying compression or fibre action on the blockages on the SEN (body nerve lines). These blockages are typically known in modern anatomy as Trigger Points (TrPs) or Myo-Fascial adhesions. Compression is typically followed by passive stretching very similar to Yogic asanas (posures) The therapist can use thumbs, fingerss, elbows, knees, feet or even stand or sit on their client! The techniques can be varied, depend on each Thai massage school.

At our Thai Yoga Massage School Bangkok, we generally teach the practitioners to treat the body supple and improves blood flow to the muscles, joints and internal organs. Thai Massage is done on the floor with a thin mat. Both the practitioner and the reciever are dressed in full length, loose clothing.

Being a Thai massage therapist can be a rewarding career and it is also not hard to become as there are many of Thai massage schools located in Bangkok but at our Thai Massage School Bangkok are known for our specialty and all teachers are professional.

Massage is also great for the body, mind and spirit. It requires dedicated practice and a good teacher. You can learn more about Thai Massage at any Thai massage school in 1, 5, 10 and 15 day modules. At our Thai Yoga Massage school Bangkok, we also offer the courses for both practitioner basic and intermediate course and teacher training course. If you would like to apply for a massage training course, please go to our online registration form here or you can also contact us for more informations here.

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