Our school offers private lessons on various ancient healing arts such as Chiang Mai style, Bangkok style, Royal style and other traditional styles that are available across Thailand. Moreover, we teach numerous Thai massage techniques including symptom treatment, therapeutic, acupressure points, chiropractic and yoga massage stretches. Our primary focus is on training students to become teachers and open their own schools in their country. Whenever students learn a new technique in Thai massage training, the teacher will first perform it on them so that they get a “sense” feeling, which will help them to practice in the “right” way.



We teach simple stretches that almost anyone can do in all 4 positions: back-lying (supine), side-lying, stomach-lying (prone) and sitting position. We also teach about acupressure points on the energy (“Sen”) lines and stretching. These techniques are good to release the muscular tension (Lactic Acid), improve the blood circulation, boost the immune system, balance the energy of the body, increase the flexibility and prevent injuries. We provide you all the theoretical support needed (Picture guide book to take notes and follow the classes).

Course fee:

Basic 1: 9,000 baht/ 5 days/ 25 hours/ 5 hours per day
Basic 2: 10,000 baht/ 5 days/ 25 hours/ 5 hours per day
Lesson start 9am. – 3pm.




Our professional Thai massage training course is an unique healing system of Thai yoga massage that include “Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology for Thai Massage”. During the course you will learn how to evaluate the recipient’s condition and to ensure safety. Moreover, we also focus on dynamic bodywork therapy based upon Thai yoga and Ayuraveda practices, in which recipient’s postures resemble yoga stances. These include gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compression. Thai yoga (Ruesi Datton) and Indian yoga (Asana) styles are also used to open the joints and relieve tension of the muscle without creating any resistance, which facilitates the flow of life energy (Prana or Chi) flow. These ingenious techniques are more efficient than the ones learned in basic training. A completion of basic traditional Thai massage training of any style and school is required in order to take this course.

Course fee:
Professional 1: 15,000 baht/25 hours/5 days/5 hours per day
Professional 2: 20,000 baht/25 hours/5 days/5 hours per day
Lesson start 9am. – 3pm.




Thai Yoga Massage School has a proven record of turning earnest students into teachers that are equally able to teach the same curriculum as our school does. This is a great opportunity for students to have one-on-one trainings with our teachers to learn and strengthen the unique techniques throughout the course. Students of this training will have an opportunity to participate in the students’ demonstrations during daily lessons and to assist in observation and teaching of Basic & Professional Courses students.

Course fee:
Teacher License Course: 35,000 baht /25 hours /5 days/5 hours per day
(Can teach and issue certificate for Basic Course training)
Advanced Teacher License Course: 38,000 baht /25 hours/5 days/5 hours per day
(Provide Instructor certificate which enable to teach and issue certificate in Basic & Professional Course)
Lesson start 9am. – 3pm.