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    Thai Massage

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    Thai Yoga (Rue-Si Datton)
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    Thai Foot Reflexology

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    1. When you renounce (give up) a lesson attending on the way, There is not the refund of the course fee at all.
    2. No course fees will be refunded after the registration fee has been transferred. Regardless of any circumstances. “(non-refundable in any case)”

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    Student must to pay for booking fee for all tuition fee before the lesson start by bank transfer or paypal account .
    Or You can come to our school directly before 2 weeks of start date for pay all tuition fee.
    And then our school will confirm your start date.

    Thai Yoga Massage School Bangkok Thailand

    Paypal account: [email protected]

    Bank account: Bangkok Bank

    Swift code: BKKBTHBK

    Branch: Tesco Lotus Rama 2

    Branch Address: 88/2528 M.6, Rama 2 Rd, Samae Dam, Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok, 10150

    Account: 0250282993

    Name: Kraijakkri Rungrojsakulporn

    Address : 802/24-25, Soi Pradue, Charoen Krung 107 road
Khaew Bangkhlo, Khet Bangkholaem,Bangkok 10120 Thailand
(Near Sky train Saphantaksin station/Sarthorn pier station/ Silom road)

    Phone : +66(0)2291-4233

    Mobile : +66(0)8156-09084

    E-mail address : [email protected]

    Link payment : https://wise.com/invite/dic/kraijakkrir