As Thai massage has become one of the most well known topic about Thailand in all around the world, the art itself has become a business industry in Thailand which is managed by the country’s Public Health Ministry. The popularity about Thai massage is not only about the massage parlours or spas that provide the massage services but also the Thai massage schools especially in Bangkok which have been increased a lot these days. You may find more information about Thai massage from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_massage. Since the original Thai massage art requires profound knowledge about human body, it’s very important that the Thai massage school can teach the students in such profound knowledge in order to achieve the best practice.

At our Thai massage school, Metta (Yoga massage school in bangkok), we teach our students at the very beginning level focusing on anatomy Physiology and Kinesiology for Thai Massage. With more than 10 years of experiences we are very confident that our school is one of the best Thai massage schools in Bangkok for you. Here are the reasons that make us different from other Thai massage school in Bangkok.

1.Every Thai massage classes and Thai massage courses are taught by the master of Thai massage who is certified by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Labor of the Kingdom of Thailand. To learn more about us please click here: https://yogamassageschool.com/about-us/who-we-are/

2. Our Thai massage school Bangkok provide courses for Thai people and foreigners and the classes are give in Thai, English and Japanese. You can find our Thai massage courses detail from here: https://yogamassageschool.com/courses-tuition-fee/thai-massage/

3. Our Thai massage school admits only small groups of students because we aim to give the intensive lessons to our students within a short period of time under close supervision.

4. We provide massage training courses, in duration of which you can acquire advanced massage skills in a limited amount of time Our Thai massage school also provide therapeutic training course, which you will earn in-depth knowledge and improve your skill promptly.

5. We have strong curriculums together with a great deal of years of experiences that can support your study easily even though you don’t have any experiences before.
For those who are interested in enrolling our courses or in case of inquiries, please feel free to contact our Thai massage school through the email [email protected].

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