Thai yoga training course in Bangkok, Thailand
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Thai Yoga

Basic Thai Yoga Course Detial

Start : 7:00-9:00

Level 1 Basic Course
Teach by Vice President of Foundation for Development of Foot Reflexologist Thailand


  • Pray for Dr. Jivaka Komarapaj (father of Thai massage).
  • Introduction to Thai Yoga.
  • The basic knowledge and theory of Thai Yoga.
  • The basic postures and basic stretching in Thai Yoga style.
  • Study all energy lines “Sen Sib” in the body of Thai Yoga.
  • Method of Breathing, Sitting, Standing, Lying and Stretching.
  • How to Meditation & Warm-up.(12 poses)
  • Practice Thai Yoga Basic 51 poses.(Sitting, Standing and Lying poses)
  • How to Warm up before standing poses. (14 poses)
  • How to Cool-down. (4 poses)
  • Learn how to relax your muscles after exercise.
    (Level 1/ Total 10 hours training)


5000 BHT