Thai Yoga - Thai Yog & Healing Art Training Center
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Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga (Rue-Si Datton)

Ascetic Self-Stretching


✓ We give a total of 150 poses divided in 3 levels and more 30 poses for warm up & cool down exercises. We also give 1.5 hour lesson for enjoying too.

✓ Thai yoga with meditation course will be a powerful practice for you, focusing on the internal organs, physical body and mind. People who wish to study Thai Traditional Massage instructor courses should learn this Thai yoga.

✓ There are the poses that effect for a headache, neck & shoulder stiffness, low back pain and fatigue person.

✓ Beginners can work easily and find the effect soon.

✓ You can participate to the instructor course too. After the completion of this course, you could be able to issue a certificate of completion (Rue-Si Datton level 1, 2) to your students.

✓ Your yoga studio is authorized as a sister school of our school.

✓ Student can learn with low fee & small group lesson with enjoyable. Reservation is needed.

Teacher Course Detail

Start: 7:00-9:00 (1 Day 2 hours x 5days)


Teach by Vice President of Foundation for Development of Foot Reflexologist Thailand


  • Remember how to Pray for Dr. Jivaka Komarapaj (father of Thai massage).
  • Review the lesson and Improve Skill (Level 1, 2) with teacher on by one.
  • Study high frequency of techniques.
  • Learn how to teach Thai Yoga (Level 1, 2).
  • Students will gain practical experience in teaching students.
    Study the basic of Chiropractic for adjust a spinal bone.
  • Learn how to check imbalance organ from spinal bone.
  • Study how to provide guidance to your students.
  • The revision of the week point.
  • Test 1 day
  • Registrated instructor can be issue our certificate

Please ask us about detailed information of Re-Si Datton Instructor

(Level 1, 2, 3/ Total 30 hours training)


7,000 BHT