History of thai massage



Traditional Thai massage is a unique form of Bodywork that incorporates Yoga, acupressure and reflexology with origins dating back about 2500 years.

In Thailand, Thai massage is one of the branches of Thai traditional medicine, now recognized and regulated by the government, and is widely considered to be a medical discipline used for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. On the other hand, Thai massage is also practiced and taught by a number of non-medical massage technicians in the spa and tourism industries. In North America and Europe, an increasing number of practitioners and teachers of Thai massage have emerged since the 1990s. In Europe and the United States, Thai massage is a growing modality among clients of massage clinics and massage therapists seeking continuing education. Thai massage therapists manipulate a handful of major “sen sib” lines by pressing certain points along the lines.

In most models, the main 10 “sen sib” originate at the navel and spread throughout the body to terminate at the orifices. A significant part of the practice of Thai massage also includes yoga-like stretches which are intended to stimulate the “sen sib” and move “prana” through the body via a pumping action which is connected with the patient’s breathing. The “pranic” energy networks permeate the body of any living being, and vibrate in response to physiological, psychological, and spiritual experiences. No one can name or diagram all of the body’s infinite energy circuits. However, 10 main sen are commonly taught and used in Thailand’s massage schools to treat the entire body.

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