Teacher Chirag Anil Aswani

Chirag Anil Aswani

Teacher Chirag Anil Aswani

Branches India

Teacher Chirag Anil Aswani (India Branch)

(Teacher-Instructor of Thai Chiropractic Thailand- India Branch)

(Teacher-Instructor of Thai Yoga & Healing Art School India Branch)

(Instructor Member: Thai Healing Alliance International)

(Licensed: Thai Chiropractic and Spinal Manipulations Teacher & Thai Bodywork Therapeutic, India Branch)

(Licensed: Thai Yoga & Healing Art Affiliated School Branch Network in India)


Thai Chiro-practitioner and Peripheral Manipulations

Spinal Manipulations, Mind body Balancing and Bone Alignment



Bone setting programmer

Mind body balancing programmer




Access consciousness bars and face lift

Done workshops in many countries across globe and awarded as the BEST HEALER OF INDO EURO ASSOCIATION OF HEALERS…

20 + years of experience 

Work location: Holistic art of THAI CHIROPRACTIC 

Atur park building 12 unit 1, 1st floor, Naylor road, Koregaonpark, Pune 411001.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +91 9923206000

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