Teacher Nathathai Zohmin (A)

Teacher Nathathai Zohmin (A)

Branches Belgium

Authorised by Ministry of Education & Public Health Thailand

Diploma “Mass Communication” Phetchaburi Rajabhat University.
Thai Traditional Massage (Watpho Bangkok)
Aromatherapy & Spa (Biminte Spa Bangkok)
Foot Massage (Biminte Spa Bangkok)
Symptom Massage & Wooden Tok-Sen (Ploy Malee School)
Thai Holistic Body Work.
(Teacher-Instructor of Traditional Thai Massage, Thailand-Belgium)
(Teacher-Instructor of Yoga Massage School (Metta) Thailand- Belgium)
(Teacher-Instructor of Foot Reflexology Thailand- Belgium)
Member of Thai Traditional Medical Services Society of Thailand

Website : http://www.nathai.be
Website : http://www.thaiherbshouse.com
Skype : NATTI_ZO
Email :[email protected]
Tel : +32472288140
FB page : https://www.facebook.com/hathai.zo

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