Teacher Simone Y Reid

Simone Y Reid

Teacher Simone Y Reid

Branches Canada   Branches Jamaica

Teacher Simone Y Reid (Canada – Jamaica Branch)

(Teacher-Instructor of Thai Yoga & Healing Art Massage School Canada-Jamaica Branch)
(Teacher-Instructor of Thai Yoga Massage & Traditional Thai Massage, Thailand- Canada-Jamaica Branch)
(Instructor Member: Thai Healing Alliance International)
(Licensed: Thai Yoga Massage & Traditional Massage Teacher & Therapist, Canada-Jamaica Branch)
(Licensed: Thai Yoga & Healing Art Affiliated School Branch Network in Canada-Jamaica)
BA in Physical Education from Brock University Ontario
Hatha Yoga instructor from Sarbjeet kalia Authentic Hatha Yoga and Meditation Centre
Reiki Master from Anthony Manis at Shinewave Spirituality

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 416-629-3236
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/EmiOnatoWellbeing
Website: https://shinewavesspirituality.com/pages/meet-the-team

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