Teacher Thomas Andren

Branches Sweden

Teacher Thomas Andren (Sweden Branch) (Teacher-Instructor of Thai Yoga & Healing Art Massage School Sweden Branch) (Teacher-Instructor of Ruesi Datton (Thai Yoga Ascetic Self Stretching) Thailand- Sweden Branch) (Teacher-Instructor of Thai Yoga Massage Thailand- Sweden Branch) (Teacher-Instructor of Foot Reflexology Thailand- Sweden Branch) (Instructor Member: Thai Healing Alliance International) (Licensed: Thai Yoga Massage & Foot […]

Teacher Conny Lonnberg

Branches Sweden

(Teacher-Instructor of Traditional Thai Massage, Thailand-Sweden) (Teacher-Instructor of Yoga Massage School (Metta) Thailand- Sweden) (Instructor of Foot Reflexology Thailand- Sweden) (Instructor of Thai Traditional Yoga “Rue-Si Datton” Thailand- Sweden) Member of Thai Traditional Medical Services Society of Thailand Email : [email protected] Tel : +46705712122, +66914768588 FB page : https://www.facebook.com/conny.lonnberg